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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are magnesium asphalt lutes better than aluminum asphalt lutes?

Magnesium lutes are 33% lighter than aluminum and have the strength and spring of steel. They are also resistant to abrasion and dissipate heat.

How do I choose the right asphalt lute?

Selecting the optimum bar width, handle length, and bar type for your project is essential. A shorter bar width is suitable for tight spaces while longer bars are great for large areas. When choosing a handle length consider a comfortable length for your operators as well as the control needed for your project. Plain bars are for smoothing surfaces while serrated bars permit material to pass through without jamming.

How do I order lutes and parts?

Surfa Slick Lute Rakes and parts are very simple to order as there are only 3-parts that make up a lute:

  • Handle (includes a red safety tip)
  • Lute Bar (Rake Head)
  • Lute Bar Holder (connection bracket which includes all bolts)

When placing a lute order simply choose:

  • Handle length
  • Bar length /Serrated or Plain

(The correct bar holder will be included)

You may also order individual parts as shown below. Please refer to our line card that shows part numbers and other information.

Completed lutes are packaged 6-per carton.


What is an asphalt lute used for?

An asphalt lute is a term that refers to a specific type of rake used in the construction industry. Surfa Slick lutes can be used for asphalt, golf course maintenance, baseball infields, landscaping, gravel, horse corrals, snow grooming, and parks and recreation.

Why doesn’t the lute have cross braces?

The heavy duty aluminum bar holder which connects the handle to the bar creates a rigid connection superior to weaker braced connections.

What is the serrated edged used for?

The serrated edge has blunted points and rounded notches to allow for material to pass through with ease. The plain edge is used for smoothing and finishing.

What is the benefit of a fiberglass handle over magnesium?

Our fiberglass handles are tested to a conductivity breakdown point of 58.9 kilovolts.This means that it does not conduct electricity which is great for working around power lines.

How can I find an authorized dealer?

We have dealers throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Please contact our sales staff for a dealer near you. See our contact page for information on how to reach us.

An operator using Surfa Slick's magnesium asphalt lutes to smooth asphalt